Fleetondemand launches Mobilleo

Technology provider Fleetondemand has launched Mobilleo, a first of its kind mobility as a service platform dedicated to businesses. The platform will debut at Travel Technology Europe 2016 (part of the Business Travel Show) on 24th/25th February at Olympia London.

Mobilleo is the result of 18 months of research and development and presents a mobile first solution for any member of a company’s workforce to adopt. Core to the technology is a 6 way journey discovery engine underpinned by an end to end find, book and pay user experience. The unique journey discovery features allow users to assess multiple options for any work related journey whether that be commuting by car or conventional global business travel arrangements. A focus on journey discovery coupled together with company car options, utilisation and whole life costs will drive total cost of mobility data for a user’s organisation. Other features available in the technology include policy management, fuel & predicted expense tools alongside, local guides and social integration to share travel hacks with colleagues.

Fleetondemand chief executive Justin Whitston said,

“Journeys can be originated in 6 ways by using door to door search, by calendar integration, email, on demand booking, manual creation or preference based. Employing multiple sources of data, user preferences and machine learning, over time our technology will provide a data rich assessment of the best forms of transport for all employees to benefit from. Ultimately the aim is to reduce costs and enhance the benefits to all employees – not just the company car driver or business traveller. Our platform encourages trust and an open booking culture whilst working within a company’s real mobility objectives. We aim to guide them on the art of the possible in this emerging market using our technology”

Based in Leeds and Saltaire in the UK, Fleetondemand is shaping the future of corporate mobility technology through constant innovation, making it easier and more cost effective than ever to keep business people on the move. From our market leading fleet and vehicle rental platform to our workforce mobility solutions, our technology is used and trusted by many leading automotive service providers and businesses.

For further information please register your interest on our new website www.mobilleo.com