Employee Spotlight – Michaela McKee

 A blonde woman with a white background on the right side of the image. She is looking at the left side of the image and is holding a sign that reads #lifeatFOD. To the left of her, there is a caption that says "Employee Spotlight Michaela McKee" and a quote that reads "I am currently working on winning more suppliers to develop the German market further, which is a key component of our growth in Europe."

Our latest Employee Spotlight features Michaela McKee, our European Rental Development Coordinator, who has been with FOD Mobility Group since July 2022.

Her role involves developing FOD’s rental partner network in Germany, which involves translating documents from English into German, contacting potential suppliers, negotiating terms and agreements, and building and maintaining relationships with suppliers to ensure that FOD can provide the best possible service to its overseas customers.

Michaela has two daughters and loves animals, particularly cats. She also has a passion for travel and hopes to visit Japan and Australia soon. We’re thrilled to have Michaela as part of our team, and we look forward to her continued success.

Describe your current role and how long you’ve worked at FOD.

I have been working at FOD since July 2022 and my current job title is European Rental Development Coordinator.

Tell us more about your current role and responsibilities.

Since I started at FOD, my role has been to develop the supply chain in Germany. When I started working at FOD, I began by translating all the relevant documents from English into German, and then I started calling potential suppliers. It’s a challenging time to get new suppliers on board, especially abroad, but despite this we currently have seven live suppliers in Germany, some with multiple branches.

Michaela and her two cats.

Which projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on winning more suppliers to develop the German market further which is a key component of our growth in Europe. To achieve this, I’m constantly seeking out new potential suppliers and working to build relationships with them. This requires a lot of research and outreach, as well as negotiating terms and agreements that are mutually beneficial.

Along with bringing on new suppliers, I am also responsible for maintaining strong relationships with our current suppliers. This involves regular communication and providing support as needed. By maintaining positive relationships with our suppliers, we can ensure that we keep those long-standing relationships and continue to provide the best service to our customers.

What made you want to pursue your current career path?

I had a complete career change a few years ago, as I had been a teacher for 16 years previously, but I really wanted to work in a business environment and use my language skills in the business sector once again. In the past, before I became a teacher, I worked in export credit control at Romo Fabrics in Nottinghamshire, as well as working at Rolls-Royce as an office manager. After so long in the education sector, I felt I wanted a change of career, as I always found using my language skills in business very rewarding.

What do you find most rewarding about your role?

Communicating successfully with suppliers in German and bringing new ones onboard. Winning new suppliers involves a lot of effective communication, negotiation, and relationship building, which I find particularly rewarding. Overall, developing relationships with suppliers helps to expand FOD’s presence in the German market and provides customers with a broader selection of vehicles and more competitive pricing.

What have been your proudest moments at work to date?

At FOD, getting my first German supplier on board. After several weeks of translating documents and cold-calling potential suppliers, I successfully onboarded my first one. It was a proud moment for me as it not only validated my hard work, but it also marked the beginning of FOD’s expansion into the German market. This accomplishment gave me the confidence to pursue more suppliers, and since then, I have onboarded six more live suppliers in Germany.

What’s one professional skill you’re working on?

As someone who is relatively new to the car rental sector, I’m constantly working to expand my knowledge and expertise in the industry. By continuously learning and staying up to date with the best practices and latest trends in our sector, I can make more informed decisions and better serve our customers.

These are all photos of Michaela with her family.

What is the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

From my late Dad, “you catch more flies with a teaspoon of honey than with a barrel of vinegar,” i.e. politeness and respect go a long way!

Describe a challenge you’ve faced this year and how you overcame it?

It has to be recovering from my broken and dislocated ankle and improving my walking skills to the point where I now no longer require walking aids. That was a challenge! It happened just as I started at FOD, but I was able to work from home while I recovered and regained my mobility enough to return to the office.

What do you hope to achieve over the next 12 months?

Winning more suppliers in Germany so that we have suppliers in each German state.

Can you describe the top 3 items on your bucket list?

I want to visit Japan and Australia – I can’t think of a third at the moment, although I am sure there is one.

If you could meet anyone famous past or present, who would it be and why?

Joan of Arc – she was incredibly brave and fearless and stood up for what she believed in, even though it meant she lost her life because of it.

Share a random fact about yourself.

When I was 11, I used to swim competitively for my local swimming club and won 3 trophies.

What are your top three favourite songs of all time?

Image of Rammstein's album

Mutter – Rammstein

The Jam's album That's Entertainment

That’s Entertainment – The Jam

Iron Maiden's album Killers

Killers – Iron Maiden

What did you want to be when you grew up and why?

It used to vary, but the first one I remember was that I wanted to be a biologist so I could cuddle cats all day (I was 6 and didn’t really understand the concept of what being a biologist would entail!) 😊