Mobilleo streamlines Cat Tech’s international business travel operations

Catalyst handling specialist Cat Tech is using FOD Mobility Group’s market-leading Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform Mobilleo to streamline its international business travel operations.

Cat Tech was managing global travel and accommodation for the company’s engineers and senior management team in-house using a variety of separate online booking tools and websites. This involved the co-ordination of connecting flights, hotels and car rental for as many as 50 staff at once to get everyone from Cat Tech’s seven global offices to customer locations around the world.

The process was de-centralised, with some overseas staff often having to book and pay for their own flights, hotels and ground transportation, then re-claim the expenses via payroll.

Cat Tech needed access to their employee’s travel expenditure in relation to each individual customer project so they could accurately quote for future projects. This involved a time-consuming process of collating travel costs expensed by staff through payroll, travel booked via company credit cards, as well as invoices processed from the various flight, accommodation and car rental providers.

The procedure of gathering and analysing financial information from the various overseas offices and cost centres and preparing an accurate quotation for each customer project would often take two to three weeks to complete.

Fleetondemand’s Founder and CEO, Justin Whitston commented: “Cat Tech were already a customer of Fleetondemand, using our industry-leading rental management system to manage their daily hire vehicles.

“We arranged a demo of our Mobilleo MaaS application and showed them how it could vastly improve their existing travel booking and payment processes. Mobilleo offered Cat Tech the immediate opportunity to switch from using their disparate booking tools to managing all their international business travel quickly and conveniently using a single platform.”

Cat Tech’s employees have access to the Mobilleo app on their mobile phones to find, book and pay for their own flights, accommodation and ground transportation in-line with Cat Tech’s travel policies. The in-app payments are linked directly to Cat Tech’s company account and invoiced on a monthly basis, eliminating the need for staff to expense their journeys via payroll.

Cat Tech’s in-house travel co-ordinator is using Mobilleo’s middle office desktop application to create individual profiles and set monthly mobility budgets, which provide accurate forecasting on spend for each employee. Detailed management reporting and real-time expenditure can also be viewed and exported, providing an insight into the total cost of mobility throughout the business.

Bruno Da Silva, Personnel Co-ordinator at Cat Tech, commented: ““Mobilleo has streamlined our entire travel management process, from journey planning and booking, right through to billing and reporting. The centralised billing and detailed management reporting suite have helped us to improve the accuracy of our quotation process and reduce the time taken to produce customer quotes from a few weeks to a few hours.

“Cat-Tech employees also benefit from the additional support of Mobilleo’s dedicated Concierge team, who are available to offer technical advice and assist with the booking of more complex indirect flights to remote locations.”

Read the full customer case study at

FOD Mobility Group Christmas & New Year Opening Hours 2021

FOD Mobility Group will be open at the following times during the festive period.

Date Open Close
Thursday 23rd December 2021 8:00am (Normal working hours) 6:00pm
Friday 24th December 2021 8:00am 3:00pm
Saturday 25th December 2021 Closed
Sunday 26th December 2021 Closed
Monday 27th December 2021 Closed (Bank Holiday)
Tuesday 28th December 2021 Closed (Bank Holiday)
Wednesday 29th December 2021 8:00am (Normal working hours) 6:00pm
Thursday 30th December 2021 8:00am (Normal working hours) 6:00pm
Friday 31st December 2021 8:00am 3:00pm
Saturday 1st January 2022 Closed
Sunday 2nd January 2022 Closed
Monday 3rd January 2022 Closed (Bank Holiday)
Tuesday 4th January 2022 8:00am (Normal working hours resume) 6:00pm


Telephone: 0330 123 1089 | Email:


Telephone: 0330 311 5135 | Email:

To enable us to service your business during the busy festive period, please can we request that you place reservations, and manage extensions / off-hires wherever possible in advance of Tuesday 21st December. It is strongly recommended that you book your requirements for this period as soon as possible.

Please note that terminations, off hire times and reservations over Christmas for daily rental vehicles are different from SelectPlus vehicles, as outlined below.



Any termination requests for vehicles requiring collection must be submitted by 10:00am on Thursday 23rd December. We will only accept off hire requests for vehicles requiring collection up to 2:00pm on Thursday 23rd December. For any collection requests received after these dates and times the vehicle may not be collected and will remain on rent and charged until 12:00pm midday on Wednesday 29th December.


Any termination requests for vehicles requiring collection must be submitted by 10:00am on Thursday 30th December. We will only accept off hire requests for vehicles requiring collection up to 2:00pm on Thursday 30th December. For any collection requests received after these dates and times the vehicle may not be collected and will remain on rent and charged until 12:00pm midday on Tuesday 4th January (Wednesday 5th January for Scotland).


Deliveries to start after Christmas must not start before 12:00pm midday on Wednesday 29th December. Subject to availability.

Deliveries to start after the New Year must not start before 12:00pm midday on Tuesday 4th January. Subject to availability.



Collection requests need to be received by 3:00pm on Thursday 23rd December and vehicles be ready for collection no later than 12:00pm midday on Friday 24th December. If any off hires are received after 3:00pm on Thursday 23rd December, the vehicle will remain on hire until 8:30am on Tuesday 4th January.


Any hires with a TBA end date of Saturday 25th December to Monday 3rd January will remain on hire and be extended for 28 days.


Please be aware the earliest time we can guarantee delivery of new hires during or after the Christmas Holiday is on Wednesday 5th January.

Please note, these terms and schedules apply to all bookings & amendments made online or over the phone. Fleetondemand may be able to accommodate manual collections and returns to a branch but this is subject to the opening hours of our partner suppliers. Fleetondemand can only advise on manual collections/returns within Fleetondemand office hours.




Mobilleo integrates what3words to improve location accuracy

Leading Mobility as a Service platform Mobilleo has announced its adoption of innovative global addressing system what3words to help its users identify their precise location and destination more easily.

what3words has divided the world into a grid of 3 metre squares and assigned each square a unique combination of three words, known as a what3words address. For example, the precise location of the front door at Mobilleo’s head office can be found at ///client.memo.natively.

what3words addresses are more accurate than regular street addresses as they allow people to communicate a particular part of an address – accurate to 3 metres. In comparison, a traditional address will drop a pin in the centre of it - leaving buildings like large offices or shopping centres difficult to navigate. what3words addresses also make communicating places with no street addresses - such as beaches, parks and remote locations easy.

The addition of what3words will enable Mobilleo users to search for the most accurate locations of nearby mobility options and services, wherever they are in the world. The new feature will also benefit Mobilleo’s expansive network of mobility partners, including taxi and DRT providers, allowing them to pinpoint the exact pick-up location of customers.

Dr Richard Fairchild, Chief Product Officer at FOD Mobility Group commented, “Mobilleo is the leading MaaS platform on the market and it now comes with the easiest way for users to find their exact location and search for the nearest mobility options to them. The what3words integration is just one of the many new product innovation features that the Mobilleo team have been developing this year to enhance the user experience.”

what3words has been adopted by a number of mobility apps, travel providers and automotive companies around the world, including Addison Lee, Cabify, the AA, Network Rail, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford and Tata Motors.

Patrick Arbuthnott, Partnerships Lead at what3words added: “We’re delighted to have partnered with Mobilleo. The integration of what3words is a clear demonstration of their commitment to introduce best-in-class technology for their customers.”

FOD Mobility Group CEO wins Transformational Leader at Northern Leadership Awards 2021

Justin Whitston, Founder and CEO of FOD Mobility Group, has been announced winner of the ‘Transformational Leader’ award at’s Northern Leadership Awards 2021.

The awards ceremony, held on 29th September at The Midland in Manchester, was attended by business leaders and professionals from across the region.

Around 300 people attended the awards night, which recognised those individuals and organisations that have shown resilience, innovation, and strength over the past 18 months.

Justin Whitston commented: “It’s fantastic to be recognised as an inspiring leader among so many other incredible Northern companies and CEO’s. This award is a huge testament to the fantastic team I have behind me for every step of FOD’s journey so far. We have ambitious plans for the business over the coming years."

Yorkshire-based FOD Mobility Group was established by Justin in 2012 and has grown rapidly to become a leading multi-platform technology company focused on corporate and consumer mobility. It’s award-winning technology and services include the leading MaaS platform Mobilleo, global vehicle hire and mobility provider Fleetondemand and the recently launched eMaaS platform Movezero, for organisations looking to supercharge their shift towards electric vehicle mobility.

Shelina Begum, North West editor of said: “The past 18 months has seen businesses face numerous challenges from the pandemic to Brexit to a growing skills gap and even the recent fuel crisis.

“Business leaders have had to respond to these challenges through sheer determination, strength, shared purpose, innovation, collaboration and resilience. Our shortlist and winners showcased the best of the regions leaders who were able to demonstrate those qualities that shone through, and were inspiring as well as empowering.

“We were proud to celebrate with them and it was great to see so many leaders from across the North come together for our awards evening.”

To view the full list of winners from the ceremony, visit:

Fleetondemand scoops double award win at Company Car Today Innovation Awards 2021

Leading business vehicle hire and mobility provider Fleetondemand has been announced as the only company to achieve a double award win at the inaugural Company Car Today Innovation Awards 2021.

Fleetondemand’s Mobility as a Service platform, Mobilleo won the ‘Best App’ award and the ‘Rental’ award went to their global business vehicle hire and mobility division, Fleetondemand.

The awards were launched this year as a new initiative to recognise the companies that are providing the most innovative solutions to fleets, helping them to work smarter, more cost effectively, greener or more efficiently.

Entries were split across 10 categories covering all areas of the fleet industry and were assessed by an elite judging panel with more than a century of combined fleet experience. The panel consisted of:

Paul Hollick - chair of the Association of Fleet Professionals and managing director of The Miles Consultancy

Julie Summerell - Association of Fleet Professionals director and managing director of TR Fleet

Nigel Trotman - former fleet consultant, fleet manager and ICFM board member

Paul Barker - editor of Company Car Today with more than 15 years of fleet industry experience

Tristan Young - Company Car Today contributing editor with more than 20 years of experience in the fleet sector

Company Car Today Editor Paul Barker said: “It’s brilliant to see such intelligent use of technology and systems to help fleets through what is a time of unparalleled difficulty, with problems coming from all angles. The Innovation Award winners are offering something clever and should be proud of their efforts to make life easier, cleaner and more straightforward for fleets.

“Fleetondemand is leading the Mobility as a Service sector with a very clever offering that harnesses an impressive variety of transport options into a simple package for fleet operators. An easy entry into what can be a complicated solution, Mobilleo succeeds in opening the door for fleets to a new way of working.”

Fleetondemand ‘Rental Award’ - Judges Statement

The 2021 Company Car Today Innovation Awards rental prize goes to a company with a platform that is involved in far more than just rental, but integrates car into a wider platform, including car clubs, taxis, trains and other public transport via its Mobilleo mobility platform.

It’s a second 2021 Innovation Award for Fleetondemand, which claims it has access to more vehicles, locations and choice than any other rental provider.  It says it acts as an intermediary to offer access to more than 1.6 million vehicles in 170 countries, including 600,000 from 2,200 branches in the UK, with hire available from an hour to a year.

The company claims to have saved its customer Orchid Field Marketing over £10,000 on damage claims per year via its De-Risk Light Damage Cover service, while it also says that switching to Fleetondemand saved a UK shipping firm 13% on its annual rental spend.

Mobilleo ‘Best App Award’ - Judges Statement

The Best App Award goes to a company that Is adept at using technology to integrate different functions together, as Fleetondemand’s Mobilleo platform amalgamates a variety of Mobility as a Service travel options under one smartphone app.

Also usable as a desktop application, Mobilleo is free for customers to download, and allows users to search, book and pay for a journey as a single entity, across global providers of everything from flights and train travel to car clubs, hotels and bicycle hire. The app also hosts ticketing, and can be configured to company travel policies and mobility requirements, and will also split out private and business journeys for expense claims.

The company says the app can be used as an alternative to grey fleet, or as an employee benefit or CSR tool.

“I’m aware there is a need for mobility, and the ease of the app is impressive in terms of the driver journey,” commented one judge, while another said: “It seems to do everything.”

Fleetondemand says Mobilleo is also helping shore up the short-term range concerns of electric vehicles by encouraging drivers to go electric but with the back-up of the app’s alternative transport options for longer journeys that might still be difficult or a worry for drivers only recently moving to an electric car.

Justin Whitston, CEO and Founder at Fleetondemand, commented: “We are extremely proud to have been recognised in two separate awards categories by Company Car Today. These accolades are testament to all the hard work and dedication of the outstanding team we have throughout the business.

“We’ve continued to invest heavily in recruitment and the development of our award-winning technology over the last 12 months to ensure our customers have access to the most advanced Mobility as a Service and vehicle rental technology platforms in today’s market, coupled with unrivalled customer service.“

HITRANS launches pioneering GO-HI MaaS app for residents and visitors in rural Scotland

A pioneering Mobility as a Service app has been launched by The Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership (HITRANS) to increase accessibility of integrated travel for residents and visitors in rural Scotland.

The GO-HI app, developed in partnership with leading MaaS technology firm Mobilleo, allows users to plan, book and pay for an end-to-end, multimodal journey in a single transaction using their smartphone or desktop devices. The platform offers instant access to book buses, trains, taxis, demand responsive transport (DRT), car clubs, air travel and car hire, with bicycle hire and ferries being added to the app as the project expands.

To aid with achieving project objectives around a modal shift to sustainable travel options, active travel modes such as walking and cycling are also included as part of the solution and prioritised within the app when users are planning their journeys. To support tourism in the Highlands the app can also be used to find and book hotels.

The bespoke GO-HI app integrates several new transport partners, as well as those existing on the Mobilleo platform today. Project partners include Enterprise Car Club and Car Hire, Bewegen, Brompton Bike Hire, Stagecoach Bus, Shotl, West Coast Motors, Inverness Taxis, ScotRail, Loganair, Orkney Ferries, Northlink Ferries, Leeds Institute for Transport Studies and SkedGo.

Highland Councillor and Chairman at HITRANS, Allan Henderson, said: “This pioneering, region-wide project has the potential to make a significant contribution to improve accessibility for residents and visitors, providing a one stop shop for all their travel needs.

“It also addresses Government ambitions to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging a modal shift from sole occupancy cars to shared cars and public transport alternatives. It will also help to create healthier lifestyles by improving the sustainable travel choices people can make in the region including active travel opportunities.”

The pilot project is being funded by the EU North Sea Region Stronger Combined project, and the Scottish Government’s MaaS Investment Fund. The MaaS Investment Fund has been established by Transport Scotland to improve accessibility to public transport services for residents and tourists in the country’s most rural and sparsely populated regions.

Transport Minister for Scotland, Graeme Dey commented: “The Scottish Government sees great potential in the future of Mobility as a Service and a real opportunity for Scotland to be at the forefront of developments. That’s why in 2018, our Programme for Government committed to establish the MaaS Investment Fund.

“Much has changed since 2018, but as we think about the urgent need for a green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the potential of MaaS solutions in Scottish transport is perhaps more important than ever before. MaaS applications can directly support our vision for a more sustainable transport system as outlined in our National Transport Strategy, in addition to the bold commitments we’ve made through our updated Climate Change Plan.

“By creating new partnerships between the public and private sectors to focus on collaborative solutions to complex transport problems, I’m excited to see how GO-HI transforms the travel experience for residents and visitors to the Highlands and Islands.”

Mobilleo is providing dedicated customer support alongside the GO-HI app and a data platform that offers instant access to detailed management reporting information. In addition to promoting the app to residents and tourists, the GO-HI project team will be actively engaging with companies throughout the HITRANS region to encourage and mandate the use of GO-HI for business travel purposes.

Ross Basnett, Strategic Account Director at Mobilleo, added: “We’ve been working closely with HITRANS to develop a solution that addresses the mobility challenges faced by residents, tourists and business travellers in some of Scotland’s most rural areas.

“The GO-HI app seamlessly integrates various transport services in and around the area, allowing easier access to travel information, more reliable journey planning, in-app ticketing and a hassle-free payment system. These improvements should give people the confidence to use public transport and reduce the feeling of isolation among those without access to a car.”

The participating transport providers will be able to access data about the demand for their services, helping them to better understand the needs of people in the region and to make more informed decisions about the provision of services. The post-project analysis will ultimately lead to a better public transport service for residents and visitors to the HITRANS region.

Fleetondemand wins best mobility solution provider at Business Motoring Awards 2021

Fleetondemand has been recognised as the best mobility solution provider at this year’s Business Motoring awards for its leading MaaS platform, Mobilleo. 

The annual Business Motoring awards celebrate the best in class from service suppliers, vehicle manufacturers and leasing companies. They are judged by an independent jury of experts who are involved in the fleet and SME markets.  

This year’s awards were split across 22 separate categoriesestablished to declutter and deliver guidance about market-leading products and services that make a real difference for SME businesses running company car fleets and business cars.  

There were a record number of entries for this year’s awards with the winner’s being officially announced on the Business Motoring website earlier today. 

Fleetondemand’s Founder and CEO, Justin Whitston, commented: “We’re delighted that Mobilleo has been recognised as the leading mobility solution at this year’s Business Motoring awards. The past year has been extremely challenging for SME fleet operators, especially with so many company vehicles becoming underutilised due to the pandemic. 

“The UK is experiencing a major shift in travel habits due to an increase in working from home and online meetings, resulting in reduced car usage. The Mobilleo platform offers businesses a range of flexible, pay-on use mobility solutions for employees as an alternative to traditional company car and cash allowance schemes.” 

Fleetondemand wins Fleet World’s innovation in mobility award two years in a row

Fleetondemand has been announced as the winner of the ‘Innovation in Mobility’ award for its leading Mobilleo platform at the Fleet World Great British Fleet Awards 2021 for the second year running.

Consisting of 38 categories, The Great British Fleet Awards celebrate the best of corporate motoring in the UK, from fleet managers to suppliers and vehicle manufacturers.

The prestigious awards were judged by Fleet World’s expert panel of editors and honour excellence in fleet management, and the products and services which support operators running safer, greener, more cost-effective fleets.

Mobilleo is the first MaaS platform dedicated to powering the transition from company cars to a mobility budget and reducing grey fleet risks by providing non-company car drivers with a multi-modal travel solution as an alternative to using their own private vehicles for business journeys.

Mobilleo is helping the transition to electrification, which is high on the agenda for fleet and mobility managers across Europe over the coming years. Recent research has shown that electric vehicles can be deployed to cover the majority of journeys for most drivers. Mobilleo can be introduced to offer long distance modes of travel to cover the mobility ‘gap’ required for longer journeys of 200 miles or more.

Mobilleo’s corporate customers are also using the technology to achieve their wider mobility objectives, including saving costs by consolidating travel booking and spend, enhancing employee benefit programmes, improving their CSR policies and driving total cost of mobility intelligence across their business.

Fleet managers and financial directors can access a wealth of travel management data and a detailed reporting suite to help them better understand their total cost of mobility.

Fleetondemand’s Founder and CEO, Justin Whitston, commented: “To win this award twice in a row is a real honour and a wonderful testament to the constant hard work and dedication of the amazing team behind our Mobilleo platform, from product innovation and development through to our service delivery centre.

“The pandemic has had a huge impact on the fleet and travel sectors this past year, so we’re delighted to see that Mobilleo continues to be recognised for its innovative approach to workforce mobilisation both in the UK and Europe.”

Fleetondemand strengthens leadership and development teams with six new appointments

Leading business vehicle hire and mobility provider Fleetondemand has announced six new appointments across its senior management and software development teams to accelerate its international growth and product innovation strategy.

Simon Lamkin joins the Executive team as Chief Technology Officer with over 23 years’ experience in the travel and technology sectors. He has previously held senior roles at easyjet, Coforge, Brussels Airlines and Telewest Business. He also managed his own IT consultancy, implementing digital transformation strategies for some of the world’s leading airlines.

Simon will be focusing on the strategic development of Fleetondemand’s innovative technology platforms, including its market-leading Mobility as a Service application, Mobilleo. Key initiatives will include the automation of end-to-end processes and product innovation roadmaps that scale with the business as it expands into new territories.

Dr Richard Fairchild joins the team as Chief Product Officer. In his previous role as Operations Director at Aurrigo, Richard was responsible for deploying autonomous vehicles as part of citywide multi-modal mobility services across the globe. He has also held senior positions at RDM Group and AVID Technology Group.

Richard is responsible for the strategy and execution of all product-related activities, including the internationalisation of Fleetondemand’s Mobilleo and vehicle rental management platforms to enable global expansion across multiple languages and currencies. He will also be overseeing the development and launch of two brand new iOS and Android versions of the Mobilleo app later this year, with enhanced features and functionality.

To further support its product innovation strategy, the company has also grown its software development team with the recruitment of four new Full Stack, Android, Senior iOS and Backend Developers.

Justin Whitston, CEO and Founder at Fleetondemand, commented: “We are pleased to welcome these new additions to the FOD family and be in a position to invest in our growing team during these uncertain times. With our international expansion successfully underway, we are strengthening our core leadership and product innovation teams to ensure we continue to develop world-class mobility solutions for our customers as we scale the business.”

Fleetondemand recognised in FT 1000 as one of Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies

Leading business vehicle hire and mobility provider Fleetondemand has been recognised by The Financial Times as one of Europe’s top 1,000 fastest-growing companies of 2021.

The annual FT 1000 report, now in its fifth year, is compiled by the Financial Times in partnership with German research company Statista. The report ranks Europe’s most promising companies that achieved the highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue between 2016 and 2019.

Tech was the largest sector by number of companies within this year’s FT 1000 ranking, accounting for 22 per cent of the entries. Fleetondemand was featured alongside 132 UK-based companies in this year’s report, including EO Charging, Crossflow Payment Solutions, and green energy giant Bulb, which took the top spot.

Fleetondemand’s Founder and CEO, Justin Whitston, commented:

“We are thrilled to be included in the Financial Times’ FT 1000 report as we continue our expansion of Fleetondemand’s technology and services into the European market. This recognition is testament to all the hard work and dedication shown by the whole team here at Fleetondemand over the years and the continued support we receive from our customers, investors and global partners.”

The announcement comes after Fleetondemand was recognised in The Sunday Times Sage Tech Track 100 as one of Britain’s fastest-growing technology companies at the end of 2020.